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Changing life

I know. You know think oh that's a typical thing girls do. But I mean it!

I am sick of everyne using me to become happier. That's not how my life is determined to be. I don't know what my life is determined for but I will make the best out of it. From now on.

Where will I start? Usual things? little things I dunno!

1. Loose weight. 12 kg
2. be friendlier
3. keep a healthy distance to people
4. be myself
5. Don't overthink evreything

1. A typical things girls want. Summer is calling and I know I won't loose that much til tomorrow but if I work hard for it I might eventually be succesful. and that's my goal. I don't want to reach a certain number. I want to get to the point where I can buy whatever shirt I want without thinking about how tight it is.
I want to be comfortable in my body and show this happiness to everyone!

2. Not friendlier in terms of helping more. But even smiling is a kind of friendliness... and that's what I want to do. Smile to everyone. Show them that they're happy.

3. Don't be touched my too many people. Not everything they tell me I have to take personal and solve the problems for them. They can do it too. Of course I'll support them but not be too close anymore!

4. be myself. Show everyone who I am. Not be ashamed of big boobs or strong legs. Don't be ashamed of my personality. That's just who I am. And people either you love me or you hate me. I don't care anymore. I know the people that love me will be there for me!

5. I won't analyze everything anymore That's just stupid! I'll just live the moment. And the choices I make might be destiny.

Let's get this personality change started! I'll look into a bright nd happy future!

You should too!

1.5.14 15:14

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